Portrait de Claire Deleurme

In the studio – Claire in residence at the Corning Museum of Glass – Spring 2016 – Photo: Gary L. Hodges for the CMOG

Claire Deleurme is a young visual artist. Initially trained at the Fine Arts College of Quimper, she first worked coordinating artistic workshops while she let her ideas mature. A defining moment at the Beaux-Arts was her encounter with the printmaking teacher, who sharpened her interest in prints and in paper. Another important step was a year abroad at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal), where she confirmed her sculptural bent.

In 2012, she decided to enroll in a 2-year training program at CERFAV (European Center for Research and Training in Glasswork). And it was through pâte de verre (molten glass) that she returned to her main material. She then spent 6 months in Finland studying at the Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design.

This year has been fully dedicated to creation. New collections were unveiled in the US during a residence at the Corning Museum of Glass. These works have been shown in France and Finland. Claire is now off to explore Canada, taking her studio with her.

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