Chapter 3: Needleworker Stories – 2016

Les langages silencieux

Chapter 1: Discovery / Chapter 2: Needleworker Breaths / Chapter 3: Needleworker Stories
Made April 2016 during the Artist Residency at the Studio – Corning Museum of Glass, NY, USA
To gaze at needleworkers/embroiderers and their gestures is to capture an instant in their lives. But what emotions, what stories might be hidden behind the threads that they weave?
This chapter is dedicated to the handkerchiefs that French women of that time embroidered with their initials. A series of pâte de verre handkerchiefs are molded to handkerchiefs of real/living families. Simple pieces of cloth that are darned here or pierced there, authentic recipients of past emotions, they are privileged witnesses to the universal quest for these silent languages.

Eugenie de Claire DeleurmeJosephine G. de Claire DeleurmeRenée de Claire DeleurmeAugustine de Claire DeleurmeJacquine de Claire DeleurmeMarie S. de Claire DeleurmeJeanne de Claire Deleurme

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